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Sourdough Bread 75% hydration 20% levain


450 gm Bread Flour
100 gm Sourdough starter
325 gm water
10 gm salt


450 gm flour
325 gm water
1 hour
notes:4:30am start
5:30am done


750 gm Autolyse
10 gm salt
100 gm starter
full gluten development
3min mix very full gluten

Bulk Fermentation

every 30 min fold first 2 hours
every 60 min fold next 2 hours
notes:7:00am first fold
8:00am 2nd fold .. very soft and pillowly
9:00am 3rd fold
10:00am 4th fold

Bench rest

10:30am final fold and shape into round
rest 30 min

Final Shape

11:00 am laminate and fold
dough still very sticky
little structure
fold inward toward center
thighten boule
place in banneton

Final proof
11:00am start
placed in proofer
83F temp
3-4 hours
notes: 2:10pm towards top of banneton
oven turned on
3:10 done


10 min 475
20 min 450
remove loaf — place on rack
15 min 450
@45 min ck temp — 210F
208/color turn off gas/crack oven door
15 min crust cure

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