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Jeffrey Hamelman’s Vermont Sourdough


Bakers Percentage

IngredientsBakers Percent
154 gm Levain Flour15%
8 gm Flour in Starter1%
740 gm Bread flour74%
98 gm rye10%
All Flours100%

Liquid levain starter

154 gm all purpose flour
190 gm water
16 gm starter
14 – 16 hours ferment


740 gm bread flour
98 gm rye flour
491 gm water
20 gm salt


360 gm Levain
1329 gm Dough (no salt)
1 hour


1689 gm Dough & Levain
20 gm salt
medium gluten Development

Bulk Fermentation

1 hour 1st fold
2 hour 2nd fold
2.5 hour 3rd fold

Bench rest

Deflate the dough and divide it into 750 gm pieces.Shape each piece into a rough ball, cover, and let rest for about 20 minutes; this rest will make the loaves easier to shape.

Final Shape

Shape in to round/oblong and place into bannetons.
Cover the loaves and let them rise. Checked using poke test. Mine were ready in 3-3.5 hours … Jeffry book recomments 2-2.5 hours


Total Bake time 45 min

Preheat oven/combo-cookers to 500F
reduce to 475 prior to bake

10 min 475
20 min 450
remove loaf — place on rack
15 min 450
@45 min ck temp — 210F
208/color turn off gas/crack oven door
15 min crust cure

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